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bullet How are mental health and substance abuse providers selected to be a part of this web site and data base?

This web site and data base is open to all service providers in the greater Greensboro area. Service providers enter the information about their own practice and are responsible for keeping the information updated.

bullet I have an adult son/daughter who needs mental health and/or substance abuse services. Can I make an appointment with a service provider for them?

Service providers can only take referrals for service from the person seeking services or his/her legal guardian. Family members and friends can search our data base for providers and call the service provider for general information. However, the service provider cannot schedule an appointment unless the request comes from the person needing the service or his/her legal guardian.

bullet I need medications to help me manage my mental health and/or substance abuse challenges. How can I find service providers who can prescribe medications?

Only licensed medical doctor (psychiatrist) or nurse practitioners and physician assistants under the supervision of a licensed medical doctor, can prescribe medications. You can find these individuals in the data base by selecting medication management as one of your search criteria.

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bullet Is the information on service providers current?

We make every effort to insure the information listed on this web site is current. Regular reminders are sent to the providers about keeping their information up to date. Should you find outdated information on this web site call the Mental Health Association in Greensboro at (336) 373-1402 and they will follow up with the provider to update their information.

bullet What should I do if I get too many service providers in my search results?

Generally the more search criteria you select the fewer service providers will show up in your search results. Should you get too many providers you could try selecting more search criteria. The more items you select, the more likely you are to find a provider matched to your needs.

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bullet What do I do if I have a loved one who is in need of mental health and/or substance abuse services and refuses the services?

Generally a person cannot be forced to be involved in treatment! However, if you feel the person is in danger of harming themselves or others you should call the Guilford Center Access to Care line at (800) 853-5163 or 911 to seek immediate help for the individual.

bullet How can I tell if the provider has good outcomes and is the correct provider for me?

This web site does not evaluate nor recommend specific providers. The best way to determine if a service provider is the correct provider for you is to talk to the service provider.

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bullet Why am I not getting a search result?

If your search results show zero providers there are no providers in our data base that meet all your criteria. You could try modifying your search by using fewer criteria. This may result in service providers showing in your search results . If you are still unable to conduct a search that results in a list of providers you can call the Guilford Center’s Access to Care line at (800) 853-5163 or the Mental Health Association in Greensboro at (336) 373-1402 and explain why you are seeking mental health and/or substance abuse services. Someone should be able to connect you with a provider to meet your needs.

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If you have a question which we have not answered please send your question to and we will provide you with a response.